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Will be determined at ICCM 2013

What: The TFM Contest (Technology for Missions Contest) is the chance to show everyone that project you where involved in that made a difference on the mission field... and win great stuff!

Both first and second place will receive a price and this year we're adding another prize category - the flop. We all know that not all of our IT efforts are successful but we hopefully learn from both our successes AND our failures. So to encourage folks to show us the bad as well as the good - we'll be giving away a prize to the biggest flop as well. Be creative with your entries... everyone is encouraged to give it a shot. Candidates will be chosen to present at ICCM on Tuesday of the conference.

When: Entry details will be provided at the Conference or over the ICCM E-Mail lists before hand.

Win: Not only do you get to show off your work, but you have a chance of winning great prizes. 2013 prizes are still to be determined.

* ICCM Official TFM Contest Rules *

Submit an entry before the deadline by sending an email to shawn at

Required elements:

  • Title (approx 60 characters or less)
  • Visuals that can be placed/converted for the web, your choice of:
  • Picture(s)/drawing (can be scanned)
  • Presentation of some kind (powerpoint PDF, etc)
  • Other media (a web site, screen captures, etc.)
  • Abstract - 1/2 page (1000 chars or less)
  • A person willing to talk about it in more detail.


All ICCM participants are encouraged to vote after the presentation are finished online using the TFM votatron here.

We'll be judging on:

  • Impact - what is the actual/potential Kingdom impact?
  • Quality - technical quality, usability, etc.
  • Cooperation - how well does it utilize and/or encourage cooperation in the Body?
  • Re-usability - to what extent can other ministries replicate/make use of this idea?